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How To Prevent Hair Damage

published at Mar 27, 2015
The quest for healthy, beautiful hair often leads us to do things to our hair that can actually be quite damaging. ... More

How To Protect Damaged Hair

published at Mar 19, 2015
Excessive heat styling, environmental factors and even genetics can wreak havoc on your tender tresses. Split ends, frizz, dullness and breakage are just a few signs that your strands are suffering. ... More

How To Help Damaged Hair Grow

published at Feb 15, 2015
When your hair is damaged, every day can feel like a bad hair day. No matter what caused your damage – too much ultraviolet ray exposure, too many color experimentations or just styling too often with the hot dryer or curling wand, damaged hair doesn’t just wreak havoc on your confidence, but it can also prevent healthy hair growth. ... More

How To Repair Color Damaged Hair

published at Jan 22, 2015
Whether it is a few sun-kissed highlights or an all-over color to cover up annoying grey hairs, hair coloring is one of the most popular beauty treatments sought by women around the world. From at home, “do-it-yourself” kits to expensive salon visits, changing your hair color is the fastest way to give your overall appearance a boost.... More

How Do You Know When Your Hair Is Damaged?

published at Jan 8, 2015
Few things in life can boost your self-confidence like a really good hair day. When all your strands fall into submission and behave exactly as they are supposed to, everything about your day – from your morning commute to chatting with the cute guy behind you in line for coffee to answering a rude email from your boss – just seems easier and more fun.... More
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